Hi-Density Filing Solutions

Why consider Hi-Density?

  • It allows the user to make use of vertical height - costly floorspace is maximised.
  • Allows the user a myriad of internal component combinations dependant on the storage application. (See slideshow to the right)
  • Internal Components can be simply adjusted at any time making use of multiple setting options on the side of the cabinet.
  • A variety of finish options are available to enhance the overall aesthetic of the area in which the cabinets are being installed.

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bay 02


Metal (Standard)

Decorative Cladding - Metal (Optional Extra)

Decorative Cladding - Laminate (Optional Extra)


Fire Resistant Cladding Options

fireThe purpose of The Protection of Personal Information Act is to ensure that all South African institutions conduct themselves in a responsible manner when collecting, processing, storing and sharing another entity's personal information by holding them accountable should they abuse or compromise this personal information in any way. Compliance with the Act on behalf of businesses who store information is strict and dependant upon the sensitivity of the information, businesses will need to show that strict measures have been adhered to in terms of the storage of this information.

Specialised Filing System offers added document protection in the form of providing fire retardant cabinet cladding, ensuring that you do all that you can possibly do to protect the information you store.We make use of GypWall  FireStop Systems which are non load bearing, high performance fire resistance systems providing a fire rating up to 60 firewallminutes (1 Hour) within the construction of our cabinets. The product has a mimimal wall thickness, while offering optimal fire resistance. It has been tested in accordance with SANS 10177:2 and is an environmentally friendly product.

High Density Accessories

Standard Shelf

standard shelf

The shelf accommodates 13 lever arch files or 10 A4 containers filed laterally. 5 shelves per bay offers six filing openings. 78 lever arch files per bay. 7 shelves for A4 containers offers 8 filing openings. 80 containers per bay.

A4 Pull-Out Cradle

a4 pullout cradle

The A4 Pull-Out Cradle accommodates A4 Suspended Pockets (Hanging Files) hanging from front to back. 5 cradles and 2 shelves per bay.

Pull-Out Drawer

pullout drawer

The Pull-Out Drawer accommodates 9 A4 Containers. It is recommended that no more than 5 Pull-Out Drawers and 2 Shelves are fitted per single bay. The Pull-Out Drawer accommodates 0.95 linear meters of A4 filing, or 9 A4 containers.

Foolscap Pull-Out Cradle

foolscap pullout cradle

The Foolscap Pull-Out Cradle accommodates Foolscap Suspended Pockets (Hanging Files) filed from left to right. It is recommended that no more than 5 Foolscap Pull-Out Cradles and 2 Shelves are fitted per single bay. The Foolscap Pull-Out Cradle accommodates 0.95 linear meters of Foolscap filing.

Shelf Wire Rack

shelf wire rack
The Shelf Wire Rack is used to hold Lateral Shelf Files in an upright position, or to support Lever Arch Files in an upright position.

Lockable Shelf Door (Security Cabinet)

lockable shelf door

The Lockable Shelf Door (Security Cabinet) is an independently lockable cabinet within a bay.

Pull-Out Stationery Drawer

pullout stationery drawer
The Pull-Out Stationery Drawer can be used for the storage of stationery, CD's etc. The Pull-Out Stationery Drawer is fitted with a lock as a standard feature.

Pull-Out Working Shelf

pullout workingshelf

The Pull-Out Working Shelf is used when referencing documents within the filing bay. The Pull Out Working Shelf should be positioned immediately below a shelf. As a "rule of thumb" only one Pull-Out Working Shelf is required per two filing bays.